Monday, July 28, 2008

My First Caregivers

About forty-nine years ago I was in need of a caregiver. I was privileged to have been given two wonderful caregivers. Without them I couldn't have lived. Every bit of nourishment I received was dependent on them. My every need was met by them. These two caregivers were Momma and Daddy.

As I grew I could do lots of things all by myself, but I still needed Momma and Daddy. Daddy went to work almost daily to earn wages that supplied my needs as well as some of my wants. My Momma would prepare meals that kept me nourished. For these and so much more I will always be grateful.

My parents are still very much alive and doing well. For this too am I thankful. Although, I have not always been what I should have been as a daughter, they have always loved me. I love them and will always be thankful to them for being what I needed. Forever I will strive to honor them. "Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee," Exodus 20:12.


Rebekah Tastet said...

How true! Keep smiling! It has to be incredibly difficult to stay joyful with your husband's illness. I was praying for you last night as well as the family that was in a car accident with broken necks. After I prayed I started praying for our house situation and stopped! I thought...what am I doing? I have a healthy husband and children and a home! I am blessed beyond all measure! We love you and are praying fervently for you!

Nancy M. said...

Each day as you walk the hall of that hospital please know "someone is praying for you". You are doing such a great job taking care of your hubby at this time!
I enjoyed your blog today!
love and prayers,

Nancy M. said...

I will pray! I wish I could be there to bring you a basket of goodies and sit in the waiting room.
Please know I am there in prayer!
love, Nancy

Jad and Rachelle Terrebonne said...

Charlie and Glenda,
We love you both very much.
We wish that we could give
you both a big hug right now.
Jad and I want you both to
know that we pray for you
both each and every day while
you both have been in the hospital. I agree with Nancy Musser you have taken care of
your husband very well and
I want you both to know that
you have shown to us how
Christians even in difficult
times show the light of Jesus
to others!!!

I am glad you both are
our friends!!! Love Ya!!!

God Bless You,
Jad and Rachelle

Bobby T. said...

Hello Mrs. Gieseler,
My name is Bobby Turpin, and I'm a teenager at Valley Baptist Church where your son, Josh is on staff. He told me about this website and I told him I would check it out. I am praying for your husband, I know all of us here in Arizona are. I enjoyed the website and would love to keep posted. We are praying and fasting for him. Thanks!

Nancy M. said...

I am so glad you got to spend some time at home the other day. Home is a good thing. I never think you are anxious . I think you are strong; loving; caring; encouraging; faithful; longsuffering; enduring; and prayerful of each day.
I am glad you allow us to care and pray for you and your husband during these days.
I am glad his counts were up!

Nancy M. said...

I am rejoicing with you this morning as you and your family had good news today! I will keep praying for you as the days go by.
love, nancy

Bobby T. said...

Hello again,
I'm just writing to tell you we are still praying for you and your husband. I've been hearing good news and answers to prayer from Bro. Josh recently. All in God's timing. I check this website everyday for more news or little blogs.

Nancy M. said...

I have been thinking of you rejoicing of your good days! I am out of town caring for my mom this week. take care!!!! Have a blessed day~

Nancy M. said...

Great news!!! Home at last! I will be praying as you adjust to being home. Praise the Lord! lv-nancy