Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pesticides & Other Toxins in our Food

Pesticides are one of the most likely causes of lymphoma. There has been an increase of lymphoma in America in recent years. Could it be that we are allowing too many pesticides in our foods? I believe that it is. My husband who has just battled Stage IV lymphoma really didn't eat what most would call a bad diet; in fact, I believe that his diet contains more vegetables than the average person's diet. I have noticed that more and more of our fresh produce is coming from other countries. In my search to improve our family's health, I came across a wonderful blog that included U Tube videos that I would like to share with you. Please listen to Dr. Rima Laibow, M.D. speak on what is happening to our food supply. A trade commission called Codex is behind what is happening. On December 31, 2009 all countries will have to comply with their standards which are not healthful to us at all; in fact, they are very harmful. This is all part of the one world government coming very soon. You can hear the videos if you go to . If you want to go to Dr. Laibow's website, it is Let me say this, I am a born-again Christian that believes that the one world government is just about set up. I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ (all those born again) will be raptured out before the 7 year tribulation where the Antichrist rules, but we don't know how far away that time is. Meanwhile, I want to feed my family the best way. I never thought that cancer would invade our home. I thought that our good diet of plenty of veggies would protect us. Boy, was I mistaken. I hope that you listen to the videos and go to the doctor's website where she can guide you on how to inform your politicians of what is happening. Some of them may not even realize the implications of Codex. God-willing, we are going to grow the biggest organic garden ever this spring and keep praying that lymphoma doesn't invade our family again.

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