Monday, October 13, 2008

Able to Travel Again

Charlie has been back at work now for about 1 1/2 months. When you consider what he has been through, it really is quite amazing. The fears that I had about the outcome of the stem cell transplant did not come about. Praise God!!

My husband's job requires traveling to other states occasionally. In the fall of 2007 I was able to spend a few weeks with him in South Carolina. I never dreamed that we would be able to do this again once the diagnosis of mantle cell lymphoma was made in December 2007. Well, God had a wonderful surprise for me. Last week we were able to travel to Iowa together for 5 days. Never does a day go by that I don't thank the Lord for Charlie's recovery.


Nancy M. said...

I am so glad you and your husband got to travel together. What a blessing and many more to come! lv-nancy

Rebekah Tastet said...

How wonderful and fun! Road trips are one of my husband and my favorite things to do together!

Jad said...

All you can say is
Praise the Lord and
God is Good!!! I
am so very happy that
things have turned our
so well for Charlie!!!

God Bless You Both!